Data Center Support Specialist

Department: IT
Location: 4. Beograd
Application deadline: 15.09.2021

Data Center Support Specialist is a position for a IT oriented person. You are used to working in supporting enterprise customers with wide area of Data Center devices.

You have to be prepared to work in shifts, as this is a 24/7 support team.

You will work directly with customers to resolve their problem related to Data Center products, also with Field Engineers who will need your guidance and instructions.


Position Summary 

The main responsibility of this function is to deal with unresolved issues escalated by lower tier or to be front line for highly technical customers.  These agents will attempt to resolve the incident and perform the following tasks: 

  • Communicate status of incident to Level 1
  • Ensure issue is not caused by hardware - If it is, determine component and required fix, if possible
  • Perform triage & characterization/troubleshooting activities:
    • Information regarding characteristics of problem
    • Frequency of occurrence
    • Gather logs, files, application traces
    • Gather full error status information
  • Attempt to isolate the origin of the problem or symptom to the specific piece of software or component, (e.g., server application system level, database level, network component).
  • Determine if any system changes like updates, configuration, and system component add-ons or replacement have recently changed on the solution that may be the originator of the issue.
  • Confirm if issue can be recreated and provide details of steps required to recreate issue
  • Depending on the specific solution, attempt to reproduce the issue in test lab
  • Populate knowledge database with problem/solution information
  • Escalate the problem to the appropriate group which may be NCR, customer or 3rd party provider
  • Provide all required information if an issue is to be escalated to Level 3 / Tier 3 support

If unable to resolve the incident, Data Center Hardware Operations Specialist will collect the necessary technical information before engaging Level 3 / Tier 3 for further assistance. 


Candidate profile and qualifications 

  • Fluent in speaking and writing of English language
  • Technical degree in Computer science or higher level of IT knowledge with related experience in some of these fields: General IT HW/SW installation and maintenance, MS OS installation, connection equipment and networking, web environment or similar
  • Self-driven person, eager to learn and develop technical skills
  • Responsible with good organizational skills
  • Highly motivated with team spirit
  • CCNA/MCSA is preferred


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