Data Engineer

Department: IT
Location: 1. Rad od kuće
Application deadline: 31.12.2021

The purpose of the Data Engineer`s job is to UNDERSTAND the needs of the client and the company; through constant learning and application of technical knowledge and skills in cooperation with team members to EVOLVE creative and innovative approaches and ways of providing services, as well as in accordance with the company's values to ACCELERATE the business by using creative and innovative reporting solutions in order to improve the business of the client and the company.


Key responsibilities 

  • Current state analysis;
  • Solution design gathered from the business side
  • Able to transform business requirements to technical solution
  • Monitors development throughout each stage and supports colleagues per need;
  • Act as a lead on a project when needed
  • Constantly strive to learn new things in development areas
  • Provides support to team members during the maintenance mode;
  • Keeps up with the market (constant learning) to propose solutions that could improve the maintenance process;
  • Leading the conversations around business requirements (with a key account manager and other departments);
  • Timely and accurate reports to Business Analytics Manager on activities and work processes;
  • Other business activities that may be assigned to him/her by Manager/Company
  • Provides support for continuous improvement of the process;
  • Regular exchange of information with the team for the purpose of joint development;
  • Mentorship towards others (through knowledge sharing, motivation, etc.)


Needed qualifications

  • Secondary education, University degree is desired
  • Advanced knowledge of English language (written and spoken)
  • Desirable at least 6 months of work experience in exact or similar roles;
  • Experience and knowledge in working with both relational and non-relational databases;
  • Proven knowledge in working with structured and unstructured data
  • Experience in working with tools and systems for data manipulation using programming languages ​​such as SQL and OOP languages;
  • Experience in designing, building, implementing and modelling databases (Datawarehouse design), as well as working with them;
  • Experience in developing custom presentation layers (working with various tools which allow embedding existing solutions (Desired understanding of BI tools such as Tableau, SAP BI, Power BI, QlikView and IBM Cognos);
  • Strong knowledge of REST technology (fetching data using exposed APIs by various web services);
  • Strong knowledge of custom ETL modules development (preferably using Python, but not limited to);
  • Experience with working with Windows and Linux operating systems in order to deploy various modules
  • Desired experience in working with Big Data platforms and tools such as Hadoop and Spark.

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